Whistler Brewing Co’s Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale

Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale is one in a long line of flavoured core and seasonal beers from Whistler Brewing Co. Like many of their other beers, the Grapefruit Ale has a clear focus on authentic taste.


What I really love about Whistler Brewing’s products are how genuine the flavours taste. Their Honey Lager comes to mind: you can taste real honey, as opposed to Sleeman’s Honey Brown’s more synthetic syrupy flavour.

Back on the matter at hand, the Grapefruit Ale is a sweet, refreshing summer ale with a wonderful fruity aroma.

Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale, served in a ‘Game of Thrones’ glass

The grapefruit’s flavour comes through strongly off the top, but almost too much. It’s levels ahead of other flavoured beers that taste more like soda pop, but I can’t imagine having more than two or three of these in a sitting. The colour pours a beautiful copper with bits of grapefruit pulp floating about.  It has a sweet flavour, but could use a hint more tartness.  My favourite thing about the beer is how smoothly it goes down, it’s simple and pleasant.

Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale falls right between flavours of “fruit” and “beer”. In that sense, it won’t blow your mind because it plays safe — but it’s a sweet, pleasant and aromatic ale that anyone can enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5


*When To Drink: A nice summer day with friends, maybe at the cabin or in the woods. 

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